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"Dedicated to solving conflicts between Canada Geese
and people in a cost effective and efficient manner."

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Did you know: the Canada goose or geese is also commonly referred to as Canadian Geese or Resident Geese?


  • Are you tired of your green spaces and beaches being rendered unusable by Canada goose droppings?
  • Are aggressive Canada geese creating unsafe situations for Employees and Guests?
  • Have you suffered economic damage due to excessive grazing of Canada geese?

Canada Goose Management (CGM) is dedicated to solving conflicts between Canada Geese and the safety / interests of people.

Our Customers include:
Parks Athletic Fields
Golf Courses Lake Front Properties Private Communities
Industrial Sites Business Parks Townships
County Governments Boroughs Schools

Canada Goose Management (CGM) can provide you with  effective  management solutions for your Canada Goose problems through the use of an Integrated Goose Management (IGM) approach. Utilizing all available, effective tools applicable to your specific needs, CGM can design a program that will provide relief to the specific degree desired, whether via population management or reduction.

CGM provides effective solutions through the use of proven hazing techniques for flock dispersal and reduction. CGM also provides the expertise to eliminate problem flocks within the guidelines permitted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Call us toll free at 1-866-POOP BE Gone ( 1-866-766-7234) to schedule an appointment to begin the process of managing your goose population and their unpleasant byproducts.

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